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Incredible Email Marketing Hacks For Your Business Growth

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In the marketing fraternity, email marketing is still a part of the messaging strategy. Though there has been a constant debate on the effectiveness of this methodology, organizations still prefer to send out mailers as a part of their marketing or advertising strategy. The primary reason organizations opt for email marketing is because it enhances business communications and one can target very specific audience in the defined target market, to communicate the right message; the message that the audience wants to see. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing is considered to be the king of marketing with a 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent. Gone are the days when email marketing was considered to be a simple step of sending a great deal via email. Today the processes have become much more complex and it’s more about offering value to a customer and constantly innovating in this process to keep the customer engaged. If you are looking out for growth in your business through email marketing, you must take a note of these hacks and work upon it.

1. Collection of Email Addresses        

To do it effectively, have a form on your blog or website that will collect email addresses. However, you can also find these email addresses on the internet – thanks to Big Data, which is at your back and can collect email addresses beyond your imagination. Hence, very important to have a proper channel through which you keep collecting email addresses.

 2. Incentivize Forwarded Content

If you remember there was a trend where people received a lot of forwarded emails and they were compiled and forwarded gain. Using the same concept but in a more sophisticated manner. You can incentivize the customer by giving some discounts or a gift voucher, something that entices the reader to forward the email to his network, thereby which the brand penetrates more into the target audience.

3. Offer Takeaways

Takeaways or freebies are elements in email marketing. This is particularly essential considering the fact that a majority of the readers mark such emails as spam, even after they read it. Offering takeaways, like a free download of an e-book will keep the audience engaged to you and he or she will gain valuable insight into the information that you share through the takeaway. This will prompt the viewer to come to your website and submit an inquiry. Knock! Knock! Customer Calling.

 4. Let Real People Send Emails

It’s quite natural that when you are doing email marketing, you are addressing a large audience. Hence invariantly, you tend to send out these mailers through a system which reaches to hundreds and thousands of email addresses. But if you want to improve the response and make sure your audience gets engaged to you and clicks on the link on that email, send it from a real person’s email account and not your company id. This way you will be able to give a personal touch to the entire process and the audience also feels that they are not communicating to a bot. Chances of customers responding to manual mailers are more than ones sent by a bot.


5. Signature as a call to action

Signature is just not a means to share your credentials. It is an integral part of your branding building exercise and it needs to be a consistent design across the board and appearing at the end of the email very clearly. Just take it one notch further by adding a clickable link to your company’s homepage. What did it do? It turned your signature into a Call-To-Action button.

 6. Add some dynamism into email content

Be a simple product information email or a promotional email, it is always good to have some dynamism in the content. A very critical aspect that needs to be considered is to avoid the content being one-dimensional or flat. This won’t engage the audience under any circumstances.

 Give the content a personalized touch and use visuals to make it more appealing for the audience who will be reading the email. If the email is related to a product purchase, then the email can be split into two categories – one for those audiences who have already purchased the product in the past and talk about new arrivals and the other is for those audiences who are planning to make a fresh purchase.  This changes the whole complexion of your email marketing strategy and gives a new dimension to your email content.

 7. Cross Promotion

This is the most effective way to collect email addresses of your target audience and then further send them specific mailers to convert these email addresses into customers. Cross promotion of your email marketing on social media platforms allows you to engage with a much larger universe of potential customers and you can provide benefits to these visitors like coupons and deals. This will entice them to come to your website and subsequently make a purchase.

Email marketing and social media are two perfect platforms that work effectively in silos, so just imagine if you compile them and allow them to work in a collaborative way, what could be the outcome. The answer is – Phenomenal. Just that it needs to be structured and executed in a proper way to give you the output that you are looking at.

Your email marketing strategy can be successful if you offer a true value to your customer combined with constant innovation in the strategy

Email marketing enhances business communications. That’s precisely the reason behind its effectiveness than any other promotional channel and which is exactly why businesses should spend more time in maintaining an email list. Let us look at some of the benefits that email marketing brings to the table.

 1. Save time, effort and money

Email marketing saves a lot of money because you are not consuming papers for sending out letters or for printing advertising materials. Secondly, it also saves a lot of time in communicating the message. Imagine you doing a print messaging where you are designing, printing then putting it on display for people to see, it takes a lot of time. With email marketing, you can turn around marketing communications in less than a couple of hours.

 2. Helps you to segment database

As it allows you segment database of customers with email, companies can send targeted mailers as part of their marketing campaigns to help improve their sales conversions. Why? Because it’s targeted and very specific.


3. Increased Frequency

As emails are a faster mode of communication, you can schedule more frequently with your customers and at any point in time. This is much more effective than sending a leaflet or a flyer once a month or quarterly.

 4. Improved ability to track sales and user engagement

With email marketing, you can easily track the performance of your email marketing campaigns and at the same time, you can also track the user engagement. It will give you deeper insights into aspects like how many people opened the email, how many clicked on a link in an email, how many complained, etc. You can also track down genuine interest cases that will be a sale.

 5. Expand network

Because you are reaching out to a larger audience you get an opportunity to expand your network.


To summarize, email marketing though being a decade old methodology for promoting products and services, it is still considered to be a very effective way of reaching out to a larger audience.  There is a larger potential to attract the right customer because this is a targeted activity and you are reaching out to a very specific audience as per your product or service. As a result, more qualified prospect resulting into better or improved sale.

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