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Does Modern B2B Lead Generation Really Work?

Lead generation - 6th Feb 2017

If you are still moving on with the traditional way of marketing to get a good quality of leads and convert it into a sale, then WAKE UP, upgrade yourself and come out of the dreamland, as your buyers are more practical than ever. Many business owners still have a question in mind which channel of marketing will attract more customers as there are gamuts of strategies that help businesses in lead generation.

In 21st century buyers never rely on the information provided by sales professional as they can avail it from the internet. So, it’s the time to attract the leads rather than chasing them. Around 71% of people use the internet for their business, hence it is necessary to catch the attention through implementing an online marketing strategy.

Modernization as an asset for lead generation

Earlier business was driven through newspapers, mass advertising, email blasts etc, since, at that time buyers have to contact the seller, as it was the only means of getting information. Web marketing is a technology which provides flawless information and is replacing traditional B2B marketing agency in many cases. It is a cost effective business which readily reaches millions of potential clients. Customer service, data management, and relation building can be easily done through e-commerce which was earlier tiring via an old form of marketing. Hence, instead of spending money on old strategies it will be profitable to invest in modern ways of B2B marketing like SEO and email marketing.

Importance of Traditional Marketing

With the evolution of the internet, marketing has transformed into a totally different concept. Though traditional marketing is alive, as we do read newspapers, watch television and pick up pamphlets from the doorstep on a regular basis. However, now we need to keep a tight eye on client experience and take care that it should be flawless and delightful.

Shortcomings of traditional marketing

Though we read newspapers watch televisions and pick up brochure but these are not that effective in reaching the target audience. The message you want to convey is not clear to the audience. Also, it is not cost effective, as for giving ads in newspaper or printing brochure requires a good amount of capital, which can be saved in internet marketing. Suppose you are getting ads on television or you have a brochure in your hand, so if you are really not interested in both of them, what you will do? You might change the channel of television and throw the brochure in the dustbin. That’s what happens in our day to day life which is a fact and ineffective method of promotion.


So, which is preferable? Traditional or modern strategy, it completely depends on your choice. Traditional marketing is better if you think that you can have a good relation with the clients through a face-to-face meeting, but it’s better to go with online marketing for B2B lead generation as it targets millions of clients, but yes don’t forget to provide flawless real world facilities.

Posted by John Tarin

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