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Why to outsource B2B lead generation?


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Being on top of your business has its own benefits, particularly if you are the owner of a startup. However, when the businesses grow, as a Founder one needs to stop the micro-management of work and start delegating the work. One of the key components that companies delegate is the task of generating good quality leads. This is seen as a trend in the startup community, for the inevitable reason that they want to channelize their efforts in making the product strong, and for them, lead generation as an activity is a non-core function.

In today’s every changing business scenario, there are service providers who are helping companies by providing B2B lead generation as a service. There are various factors which are detrimental to the fact that this model works well for companies – be it startups or established enterprises.

More Focus

By outsourcing the lead generation task to relevant service providers, companies can focus more on their core competencies and strengthen their capabilities and portfolio.

Cost Arbitration

Strategically speaking, lead generation is a cost-centric activity even though the team contributes towards the revenue of the organization indirectly. Managing a team of lead generation executives in-house becomes a challenge, particularly if you have to train them with the product

No Wastage of Time

Organizations don’t want to spend time in hiring resources, training them on product/services and then monitoring their productivity and then retraining. This is a never ending cycle and amidst all these, if the resources leave, then everything starts from scratch. Outsourcing the lead generation component irons out the time wastage factor as they leave this to the experts.

If we consider the above as intangible reasons for B2B lead generation outsourcing, then let us also try to do a deep dive into some of the tangible factors, which encourage organizations to incorporate this into their sales strategy

Warm & Qualified Appointments for Sales

Outsourcing the lead generation activity to the experts, give the opportunity to work on qualified and warm leads. As an outcome, there is a higher probability of these warm and qualified appointments to convert into a “sure-shot-sale”

Guidance from the experts

Once a company decides to outsource its lead generation component, they are dealing with a team of experts. These service providers not only deliver the right output but also provide constant guidance to the companies on how the sales strategy needs to be set up depending upon the business. This comes as an outcome of years of experience

Streamlined Sales Process

Outsourcing B2B lead generation to the experts gives the benefit of having a very defined and streamlined sales process with measured outputs and deliverables. One of the key advantages of having an expert service provider is that it cuts down the time to follow up on the leads and shortens the sales cycle. Further, an outsourcing service provider works like an efficiency catalyst for your entire sales and marketing team. Since there is no training involved, the service provider will already be a part of your business journey and they will start from day one.

 In a nutshell, even though having an in-house sales team for lead generation helps an organization to have better control over the sales cycle and the team per se, outsourcing this component to a service provider who is an expert has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective approach. More and more organizations are now opting for this approach and they are incorporating this as a part of the sales strategy.              

If you look at a recent statistics (the year 2016) 83% of companies focus on the quality of leads over quantity. This can be accomplished if you have a robust sales cycle combined with measured deliverables and an expert team who can deliver it. Hence, it becomes imperative for companies to outsource the B2B lead generation component to service providers.

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