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Things You Need To Know About B2b Lead Generation Services

Things you need to know about b2b lead generation services-01

You might be surprised to know that the biggest or most crucial element of B2B lead generation service is not about how presentable you are or how you speak with your customer, but it’s all about one and the only one element – LEADS. Let us accept one fact that B2B lead generation is not a piece of cake for you to gorge on so easily. It looks glamorous but the toiling that goes behind in generating high-quality leads is something the insider can only understand. Here are two important facts about a b2b lead generation:

 1. No clue about the origin of these b2b leads

Hubspot has come up with a brilliant statistics that will blow away your mind when you look at the origin of B2B leads. What is even more staggering is a very tricky category/source called “other”, which you can see spiking up at the extreme right in the graph below.

Lead Source

It is one of those situations where you are extremely elated when you see a lead inquiry, but when you do a dissection of the source, you have absolutely no idea where the lead came from. The fact is that b2b lead generation process is not just a one-way traffic. It is a junction where you see multiple traffics and multiple roads coinciding, which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly which road leads to which destination.

 2. Scrambled impact of digital revolution on B2B Lead Generation

Yes, we are in middle of a digital revolution. You have definitely heard people saying this day in and day out.

However, what has effectively happened is that a whole set of new techniques have emerged that has truly revolutionised the process of lead generation, keeping in mind the ultimate objective which is “a signed customer”.

Today you will find expert organizations who provide services around B2B lead generation. They are specialists who help enterprises in driving the right quality lead to them so that the sales team at the enterprise has to only focus on the task of lead nurturing and conversion. The flop side is that there are too many such players who claim to be experts, so it is very important to know what makes a company a good one.  The reason enterprise goes after these expert service providers is because, the cost of maintaining an in-house team is very high and on top of that it is a headache considering the nitty-gritty that is involved, which is a painstaking effort. Hence it is better to outsource it to someone who can do it for them and reap the benefits.

Broadly categorised, there are two types of lead generation service providers

  1. One who deals in large accounts
  2. One who deals in small to mid-size accounts

Irrespective of what type of a service provider you are dealing with, there are some checklist items that you can look into before signing up one

Experienced staff:

Check if they are having a staff that is well verse with the jargons, terminologies and the overall process of lead generation, and you are not dealing with amateurs.

Strong Program Management:

An effective lead generation company will have a strong program management team, which will comprise of senior professionals who know the whole 9 yards of lead generation.

Technology enabled:

Ensure that they are leveraging technology to the maximum considering today’s digital era and the storm that we are all part of.

Strong Processes:

Crystal clear defined processes, with deliverables and Service Level Agreements to ensure quality and timely output.

However, before even you start going through these details, it is advisable to speak to few lead generation companies and also speak to some references.

As mentioned earlier, lead generation process is not a bed of roses. If you are not sure of how to go about in setting up your lead generation, then don’t experiment and waste your time and money. Invest that money in outsourcing to the experts and let them take care of the operational headaches.

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