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Tips To Improve Your Lead With Content Marketing

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Content marketing has become a buzzword in totality. Today, you look at every single product or service and the sheer volume of messages and content that you see across various advertising mediums, makes it obvious of the fact that completion is tough and companies are trying to make their presence felt. Marketers are constantly scratching their grey cells to come out with the best content which will attract their buyers, whom we very candidly call “Lead”.  It will be true to say that content is the lifeline of marketing in today’s highly competitive world, and the concept of content marketing is undergoing a paradigm change, with marketers constantly trying to find innovative ways to attract more leads and good quality leads.

Organizations are always striving to improve their lead count and lead quality. Even though they are following the standard procedures and protocols for various content marketing methods, there is always a scope of improvement. Further, you will find some important tips that will help you to improve your lead through content marketing. One thing every marketer has to imbibe is the fact that content marketing is not just limited to lead generation. Even after a lead converts into a customer, through effective content marketing, companies need to keep their customers engaged, informed, updated.

 Content for every milestone

Right from the onset when you have identified your target till the time the customer says no to any update, the marketer has to create unique content for every stage of the customer milestone. Initially, the marketer has to create content to attract the identified lead from the audience and prompt him to make a purchasing decision. Once the lead is in the pipeline, the content needs to be changed accordingly with the right messaging to ensure the lead is engaged throughout the sales lifecycle.  Subsequently, when the lead becomes a customer, then the marketer has to engage the customer through updates, awareness content and new launches.

 Know your target audience

If you are looking to improve the quality and quantity of the lead, then it is highly mandatory for you to know who your target audience is. For example, if you ae selling a product like Practo, then your target audience should be hospitals and clinics so that you can empanel them into your product and encourage them, incentivize them to further encourage their patients to collaborate through the product. Hence, your messaging should be structured to the taste of your audience and you need to know who your audience and what do they like to see, hear, experience.

 Multiple Formats

Having just one format of a content will not be sufficient enough to generate the inquisitiveness and prompt the reader to take an action. You need to diversify your content format to give the complete dossier to your audience to make that decision. Typically, you must have your content displayed in :

  •  Question:

Describe your content in a question format that relates to a business challenge that their audience is facing?

  •  List:

Sometimes, audience is looking for some tips, tricks or may be even some information as part of their evaluation criteria. In such scenarios, it is better to list it out and share it with your audience

  •  Profile:

If you want to share details about your product, organization or an individual then the profile format suits perfectly for this requirement.

  •  Survey:

If you want to involve your audience in content preparation and seeking some inputs from them to come out with the exact matter that they want to read, survey does the job for you. Just a word of caution – don’t have your survey sound like a data gathering exercise because that will completely negate the objective of the survey.

  •  Question & Answer:

This seems to be a very prominent mode of content marketing, where marketers conduct an interview with experts and they share the excerpts of the interview or the whole interview per se.

 These various formats allow you to generate a variety of content which will eventually help you to push it to your target audience through various channels. Constant engagement is a key to success in content marketing and particulary, if you have a tremendous amount of dependency on content for your lead generation.

Quality lead is what every marketer targets and that is the fuel that drives the engine of sales. Just by having a diverse messaging content and various channels does not serve the purpose. You also need to have the right content strategy, which is in line with organization objectives. Also, , the strategy needs to be broken down into measurable objectives or goals with key performance metrics clearly defined. Measuring your content marketing’s output is crucial and you need to have necessary tools and metrics in place that will calculate the ROI of a certain modus operandi. Based on the deviation, corrective measures can be taken to ensure better performance in the next campaign.

 In today’s world, customer perceives lot of things after reading the content and they can even start assuming the way the organization is functioning based on their marketing tactics. Content has to be generated keeping in mind what the customer will perceive. Quality content enhances the brand image of your organization as it goes as a perceived message to the audience. This will ensure that your organization gets a wider read of audience and creating better possibility of generating more quality leads.

Posted by John Tarin

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