3 Reasons Personalized Account Based Marketing Is Important

Account Based Marketing ABM

If you are a marketer who has been in the business at any point in the past decade you will likely understand how marketing has evolved from just a strategy of mass production and broad audience focus to a more streamlined, targeted, and concentrated approach. Account based marketing has exploded over the last few years […]

10 Ways Account Based Marketing Is Defined by Experts


Account-based marketing is a hot buzzword in marketing right now but what does it actually mean? According to, “Account-based marketing is an approach to B2B marketing and sales where highly-personalized messaging to multiple decision makers and key accounts, through multiple channels, at different stages of the buying journey, helps align revenue-generating departments to close […]

3 of the Best Account-Based Marketing Examples


Everybody lives for experiences and so do your customers. Customers these days want to be a lot more than just another email address in your account. An efficient and effective Account-based marketing effort goes beyond personalized emails, content or landing pages. The existence of Account-based marketing is so that marketers are able to deliver a […]

6sense Bought ZenIQ: Here’s Why

6sense Bought ZenIQ Heres Why

6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence platform that aims to help marketing and sales teams uncover, accelerate, and capture demand through artificial intelligence and account-based marketing. ZenIQ is an account-based marketing product company that compiles a 360-degree view of target accounts from customer relationship management tools, marketing technology elements, and third party data. 6sense recently […]